EnOv8 Events in Cape Town, shines the spotlight on: The House of Vizion – promotional videos for your business.

We realize that it sometimes takes months of planning and a solid budget to bring a planned event to life. Hard work, deliberations and good decision making all contribute to the success of an event.

We are in the business of creating memorable moments in the life of individuals as well as businesses. The actual event can pass in a couple of hours. All the effort over months winding down to a happy ending. With this spotlight on The Vizion House, we offer a way to re-live those outstanding events, anytime you choose.

The outstanding value of video in the digital world has become undeniable. Clips from reality shows or sneak previews can circulate to thousands around the globe in just a few seconds. Compared to a couple of decades ago where video was a source of entertainment rented over weekends, video today, has taken over the digital world.

In creating video content, The House of Vizion has helped introduce many businesses to the digital world and growing them by keeping them relevant and visible. From corporate events, product launches, VIP parties to year-end functions, The House of Vizion not only captures beautiful memories on video, they create the fuel on which the digital and social media run.

Capturing events on video can serve your business for years after the actual event. There is no doubt in my mind that investing in quality video production will continue to create value long after the initial cost has been paid.

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