EnOv8 Events share strategy & techniques on choosing the right people for your event and how to invite them.

Getting the right people to attend your event is key to that event’s success – better ensuring a return on your investment. And different events each require creating a different kind of invitation – sent to different guests and using different methods of delivery. Here are a few strategic techniques you can employ to ensure your event invites reach the right audience, in the right way.

Staff end-of-year function
In terms of invitees, this is the simplest guest list to compile – the only variable being whether the end-of-year function is open to staff with or without their spouses or partners. That being said, this party is a thank you to your staff for their hard work over the year, and a thoughtfully organised event will make your staff feel valued and assist in growing staff morale.

Tip: Don’t just announce the details of the party at a meeting in reception. Whether you email an invite or go to the trouble of printing it, make sure that it is well worded and designed to be in keeping with the theme of the staff party.

Client party
When you are considering the right people to invite to your client party, start with the people who already know and support your business – firstly, invite your client list. Secondly, invite people who are on your radar and who you are currently wooing as potential customers.

Tip: Invitations can be sent electronically, or be hand delivered, giving your sales staff the opportunity to create extra interest around the party. If you wish to hold a more select or formal event for key clients, it is recommended that emailed invitations are followed up with more a formal printed invitation – about six to eight weeks before the event.

Product launch
You’ve only got one shot at a product launch, and along with generating the right exposure, it is critical to invite the right people. The ‘right’ people will vary depending on your industry but these groups are a good starting point:
• Existing and potential customers: to impress and generate sales
• Journalists |bloggers |social media thought leaders: to spread the word
• Industry heads |suppliers – to create an impact on the industry

Tip: In addition to personally addressed invitations there are many social channels that you can use to build awareness and communicate the details of your product launch among your target audience – including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Before you even send out the invite – designed and delivered in such a way as to ensure high impact, and to embody your brand – you may decide to create a teaser campaign to build anticipation around the launch.

A press conference
A press conference is an event organised for the purposes of distributing information to the media. Given the media’s limited resources, it may be difficult to attract major media attention to a press conference unless the company has a truly unique or newsworthy announcement to share. Along with the relevant media, you may want to invite relevant VIPs, politicians, celebrities and business or community leaders – if appropriate.

Tip: Issuing a media alert beforehand is the best way to let the media at large know about the press conference. Make sure you alert your targeted media by phone or email beforehand. For the sake of exposure also allow any media unable to attend to still get the story – and follow up with a post-event press release.

A music festival
A music festival is most often a business vehicle for its organiser to make a profit on ticket sales, and you don’t invite people to a music festival as much as you promote its happening. Promotion takes place through the media – including mentions by radio DJs, listings on ‘What’s Happening’ e-zines and by music bloggers and localised poster campaigns; as well as on the websites and fan pages of the organiser, the artists’ and their managers.

Tip: Send a press release to the relevant media at large – not forgetting radio stations, on and off-line music magazines, music scene bloggers, and ‘What’s Happening’ columnists. In the run-up to the festival: news, images and music by the artists can be shared with followers across a custom-built website and social media platforms, keeping fans up to date with all the latest festival news to build interest. To boost sales over the lead-up, hold ticket competitions across various social media, and arrange with the radio stations to give away tickets to lucky listeners. And don’t underestimate word-of-mouth.

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