We offer you the best tips when pairing wine with any menu!

Beautiful food and tasty wine is the crux of the hospitality industry!  If you can find the balance between the two, you will be in for an awesome culinary experience.  Food and wine pairing is all about exactly that – BALANCE!

So, with the assistance of Tanja Beutler of Hidden Gems, an online wine education platform, where you can learn to taste, appreciate, serve and entertain with wine, we have prepared a few short tips, to assist you in choosing wine for your next event:

White wine with white meat

  • fish, chicken, shell fish, turkey, pork

Red wine with red meat

  • lamb, venison, beef

Always consider the sauce or basting

  • if you have a plain grilled fish, it will compliment an unwooded Chenin
  • but, the same fish with a creamy white wine sauce, may be better suited to a full bodied/wooded white (such as Chardonnay, Semillon, Viognier)

Light wine with light foods

  • sashimi with a dry Rosé would definitely work well
  • and, fresh oysters with a crisp, fresh Sauvignon Blanc would be divine

Spicy foods are difficult to pair, but here are a few tips

  • choose off-dry to semi-sweet styles of wine.  There are certain varieties that can rock a Durban and Thai curry
  • an off-dry Rhine Riesling, Muscat or Gewürztraminer will definitely do the trick too

Sweet wines are best with sweet deserts

  • a port or Noble Late Harvest could work, depending on the dessert
  • or, you could also cut the sweetness of the dessert with a dry Sparkling Wine.  It also gives you a bit of a lift if you are feeling sluggish after a big meal

Chocolate and wine are always a favourite

  • we may tread on some wine industry toes here, considering how many farms are offering chocolate and wine tastings, however, we believe there are very few wines that go with chocolate
  • the fat of the chocolate coats the mouth and the slight sweetness makes a dry wine taste “tinny”.  The only wine I would pair with chocolate would be a sweet dessert wine or a sparkling

Dry sparkling wine goes with absolutely everything

  • in South Africa we call the Champagne method of making sparkling wine Methode Cap Classique.  This is the local real deal when it comes to bubbles and the best part is that you can have it with breakfast, as a welcoming drink, to finish off a fine meal, or for celebrations of kind
  • always make sure you have a cold MCC in the fridge, as you never know when you will need to open it!

Happy pairing!