EnOv8 Takes Oakley Customers On A Virtual Pro-Skater Experience

Oakley South Africa approached EnOv8 to conceptualise and execute a mall activation to promote and sell their sunglasses, wanting us to create something extraordinary and innovative.  With Oakley’s target market and their cool ‘Disruptive by Design’ brand DNA in mind, EnOv8 created an interactive, Point of View Pro Skater experience.

The activation ran at the V&A Waterfront for 2 weeks in the centre court, which regularly sees traffic of over 50,000 feet per day.  Consumers visiting the stand, which was made to look like an authentic mini half pipe, were met by an EnOv8 brand activator who fitted them with virtual reality Point-of-View goggles and lead them to stand on a skateboard that while bolted to the floor, still had movement. The combination of skateboard movement along with video footage played by the goggles plunged the rider into a virtual skate boarding experience.

“EnOv8 has worked with the Luxottica group for five years, and on two of their brands”, says Nicole Rollings, EnOv8’s MD,  “and we are very proud to have added Oakley as the third brand from their group into our portfolio of clients. The Oakley brand has a very specific message to communicate to their consumers and our role for this activation was to ensure the Oakley brand values were communicated, while engaging customers in a unique experience; promoting the product ranges, and fitting all of this into a mall centre court. I am very pleased that we were able to achieve all of this for Oakley and that so many shoppers enjoyed the activation as much as they did.”

As one of the main priorities for the activation was to sell as many pairs of Oakley sunglasses as possible, EnOv8 partnered with the client’s preferred optometrist who supplied experienced staff to see sales through, but our team still needed to draw customers to the activation and to be able to explain the eyewear. This meant providing upfront product education and the prepping of our brand activators prior to the activation.

The recruitment process was one of the most important aspects of this activation as we had to select people who fitted the Oakley brand identity as well as having the appeal to attract people to the stand and interact well in showcasing the sunglasses.

Our client, Milli Duncker, Product Manager at Oakley said, “I would definitely recommend EnOv8, they have extremely high standards for all their activation work. I can’t stress enough how reliable they are, they’ve just been absolutely brilliant in everything they’ve done. They took 100% ownership of the campaign and met all of our sales, creative and experiential objectives. The quality, the creativity, it’s just been fantastic.”

The outcome:  The Pro Skater experience was a hit, and the EnOv8 Pro Skater activation exceeded Oakley’s sales expectations.  Our team interacted with hundreds of consumers over the 2 weeks which led to great exposure for the Oakley brand.