The news has hit the world with mixed views.  Mark Zuckerberg, of Facebook, plans to focus on the personal aspect, as was his reason for starting the multi-billion-dollar business in the first place.

But recently we’ve gotten feedback from our community that public content — posts from businesses, brands and media — is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other,” wrote Mr. Zuckerberg.

This, just within the last few hours, via his personal Facebook feed.

He further goes on to say that they feel a responsibility to ensure that the well-being of people is attended to via the platform, and not just the fun factor.


What does that mean for businesses on Facebook with pages?

There are millions of businesses who have Facebook accounts, whereby they reap quite a bit of revenue due to the masses they are able to reach.  With Mark’s “fixing” of Facebook this year, will this mean that there will be less reach and benefit?

Essentially, Facebook was created to reach communities, to help people better connect and communicate. It has, organically, and perhaps with a wee bit of manipulation, expanded into something much more than this.

We are able to promote our businesses via this amazing platform, and for some, generate income.  Whether you utilise the paid advertising available on Facebook, or simply post content in its various formats, it is possible to reach people worldwide.

Because of Facebook and other similar social media platforms, a whole new marketing sub industry was born and roles like Digital Strategist have been created.  Some of these individuals are backed with the knowledge of a marketing qualifications, and others just wing it, offering the service of time spent setting up posts, and increasing reach.

By Zuckerburg stating that he wants to, effectively, promote a more quality engagement platform, than quantity, there will be a drastic drop in the amount of business page posts we see in our news feeds.

Zuckerburg further says that he sees more and more people connecting with each other and providing value, as opposed to just racking up likes, follows, and watching meaningless media feeds.

So, yes, as a business, publisher, marketing strategist, or social media professional, you will see that your posts will reach less people, and accrue less likes and follows.


Is that the end of the road for Facebook as a marketing tool?

If you are not a skilled and up to date marketer, i.e. “winging it” then yes, perhaps it is.

However, all this really means is that you need to be posting more effective, engaging, and relevant content on Facebook.

We all know how tough it is to get your audience to engage with your posts, and that is what we want people to do.  An engaged audience will, most times, take it a step further, and look to enquiring about your service or product.  It really is Marketing 101 in the end, just via a different platform.

In the yesteryear of marketing, one could come up with a catchy and captivating phrase, coupled with imaginative media. That hasn’t changed, but the mediums have.  Back then marketers used the platforms of billboards, magazines, newspapers, television commercials, and other public-reaching media. Today, we still use these, but when it comes to the digital world, many are complacent and don’t put enough effort or budget into getting it right or making sure it is effective.  It could be because they viewed as “free” platforms for advertising and promoting.

But is that pretty quote or funny video actually converting your audience into customers? Where is the return on investment?

Beware of the marketer who thinks they can rest on their laurels.  With Facebook’s new approach, which will take a few months to gain traction, posts will need to be red-siren quality in order to appear on user’s news feeds.  And, the more comments, shares and likes it gets, the more it will travel.


Collaboration is Key

Much like a team of advertising gurus, where each team member has a particular skill set, so should it be with the digital campaigns that are created and managed.

From the copywriter to the graphic artist, from the strategist to the web designer, working together will prove to be a much better approach.

The merging of creative minds to promote businesses on digital platforms will produce a more quality and engaging result.

With customer goals in mind, an effective strategy will ensure that you receive the audience engagement and the conversions your business needs to see a return on investment, for your marketing efforts.


So, where to next?

Ensure you are dealing with a team of creative professionals, should you wish to see your business “showing face” on Facebook.

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