Watch how Samsung mobile rips off Apple in their new advert

It’s amazing to see how brand advocates will turn to a different product when consumers are not listened to and the wrong product specifications are brought to market.

The prime example of this is happening right now in the mobile phone industry. It is so perfectly illustrated in this advert where Samsung rips off Apple for losing customers.

The advert below highlights the differences between Samsung and iPhone through the years in a way that certainly shows who has been the first in innovation and it also provides us with a new hairstyle that may rival the dreaded top knot or man bun. (keep a close eye on the hairline of the guy standing in the iStore queue at 00:53 in the advert, which mimics the notch at the top of the iPhone X screen)

Apple has released 2 phones with a lack lustre response from their legions of fans and brand advocates. The removal of the earphone jack from the iPhone 7 causing uproar amongst devout Apple customers and many questioning the release of the iPhone 8 when the iPhone X launch is around the corner. The opinion amongst customers is that the 8 is ultimately a 7 with a glass back.

The yet to be launched iPhone X provides a refreshed design, but with the notch in the top of the screen, Apple lovers are increasingly disappointed. Apple will continue to lose customers to Samsung, and other phone brands who are more innovative.

There is no doubt that when it comes to doing things first, Samsung is right there. Apple, were perhaps getting a bit carried away with patenting their own pizza box design.

However, with the iPhone X slowly being distributed to bloggers and media worldwide and the reviews pouring in I dare say (as an Apple devotee myself), it seems like this phone could be their saving grace. We shall see!