We offer our expert advice when selecting your next events theme


Creating a theme for your event may sound easy and possibly a bit corny, but in fact to get it right is not easy – and it is critical to get it right. Your event’s theme should be created based on your business objectives, and it plays a very important role in your event’s ability to connect with your audience.

Here are three ways in which your event theme can assist in reaching your business objectives:

1.  A theme lends itself to creative marketing
Designing your event around a theme creates a unique platform to advertise and get the word out about your event. It will increase the consistency of your marketing message as you link your key messaging back to the theme.  Also, a theme helps to create excitement in the run up to the event.

2.  A theme drives content
Building a theme into your next event can help to create a more engaging program and, where applicable, it assists speakers and presenters in delivering more relevant and appropriate content.

3. A theme makes your event memorable
It is important to identify your event’s target audience. Will your theme and its roll out in your event fit the age and culture of your guests or delegates?  A well-selected theme will connect with your delegates, delivering a more memorable experience – one where guests or delegates have better recall of the key takeouts.

Helpful hint:  With the above in mind, if you have a real message and content to impart, using a theme that is trendy or seems “cool” to you might not the best option.

Your event theme will speak to the event’s look & feel

Once you have decided on your event theme, do some research to gather inspiration for your event look and feel. The look and feel should complement the corporate identity of the company or brand holding the event as well as being informed by the event theme.

It is important that your theme drives all the design and decor elements as well as any staged elements of the event, towards creating a unified “storyline” which captivates your guests.  Plan carefully to avoid the pitfall of giving your guests mixed messages.

Helpful hint:  See the EnOv8 Pinterest board for some amazing ideas.

Here are four practical elements to consider when deciding on the look & feel of your event:

1. What does your venue and look like, space-wise?

2. What decor or decor budget do you have at your disposal?

3. What seating and meeting arrangements work for your event?

4. What event technology could be used to best demonstrate your theme?

– Would Augmented or Virtual Reality work well?

– Would it be more interesting to use Prezi for some presentations rather than PowerPoint?

– Would live streaming all or certain portions of the conference be advantageous?