Rewards for
a job well done

Employee Engagement Specialists creating
innovative digital events & corporate gift box experiences.


Recognise and reward your employees on special occasions, with curated gift boxes tailored to match each employees’ taste.


Invest in interactive and immersive employee engagement events to boost morale, increase productivity and retain top talent.


Install a range of workplace protection equipment to safeguard your employees and customers.


Our mission is to work with companies that appreciate their teams.

Engage employees’ hearts and minds. Inspire happiness and fulfilment in employees. Reward employees for performance excellence. Create internal marketing touch points through experiences. Build meaningful connections and positively impact the employees journey.

We listen deeply to what our clients need and uphold their vision and values at every touch point.


Rewarding your employees with experiential gift boxes is great for team spirit and will encourage your employees to see the good in each other.

Our End-to-End Gifting Solution

We make gifting for your employees easy, everything from planning to delivery

Allowing employees to choose their very own customised gift experiences

Choose from existing themes or create a customised internal marketing campaign

Gift boxes for all occasions, celebrations, anniversaries, and long service awards

Whatever the occasion, gifts for employees are more than just material tokens of gratitude. They make employees feel valued and reflect how much they are appreciated, creating positive memories and joyful moments that capture the hearts and minds of your employees.


Events provide a platform to reward and award staff for achieving outstanding results during these difficult times keep teams motivated and full of purpose.

Our Virtual Event Solution

Customised content and interactive activities for an immersive experience

360 digital communication campaigns with graphics that make an impact

Fully virtual or hybrid events with a mix of online and in-person experiences

3D virtual sets and beautifully designed slide presentations to wow the audience

Having an engaged team who are motivated and infused with purpose will make your business more profi table and more rewarding to manage.


Whether you are screening employees, welcoming clients or getting on with daily work, we understand how critical both physical and psychological safety in the workplace is to employee-wellbeing.

Our Personal Protection Equipment Solution

A wide range of products available to suit all specifications and budgets

Customised screen sizes and styles can be created to fit multiple desk set-ups 

Various installation options available from DIY to long-term and permanently fixed

Materials range from acrylic, to wood and high end light weight aluminium

No matter how small or large your order is, we are happy to provide you with the PPE you require. Keep your workplaces and schools safe.