A Survivor themed virtual employee event is a great way to reward a team for a job well done and get them to focus on the rewards that can be found in success.

The brief

As part of their year end celebrations in 2020, we were approached by one of our corporate client’s social committee to conceptualise, design and implement a virtual “thank you” event for their employees. The aim of the event was to celebrate and appreciate all members of the team, while looking back on the past year’s challenges and successes and reward them for all their hard work.  

Survivor concept.

The event’s look and feel was inspired by the TV show, Survivor, with the aim of appreciating the challenges conquered and achievements reached by the team during the 2020 lock down period. This theme was rolled out as an internal marketing campaign across invitations, personalised thank you letters, pre-edited video messages and event presentations. 

It was personalised to incorporate each employee’s journey during the challenging times they experienced. Team members were asked to dress up in outfits that reflected the year for them.

Personalised thank you gifts that helped to unite and bond the team.

In the lead up to the event, each member of the team received a gift box themed as a treasure chest, along with a personal letter that included positive comments from each of their peers thanking colleagues for their amazing contributions throughout the year. The gift boxes were themed to personify

the treasure that can be found in achievement at the end of an arduous journey.

Spending quality social time together 

It is important to incorporate segments where the team can have fun together. During the event the team was able to share the brilliant business successes that they had achieved despite the challenges, and share special messages they had written to showcase the achievements of each employee and what they had contributed.