At EnOv8 we have been adapting and proactively reinventing ourselves, and have expanded to add to our service offering – not just once, but three times, since the start of the pandemic.

 When Lockdown Level 5 began, most of the events we had in the works were put on hold or cancelled, and we found ourselves with time to strategise and develop new ways of working. We have always produced signage for events, and so we used the same materials to create Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for workplace safety and it has been a great success. So much so that we will continue to provide PPE on an ongoing basis. 


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Our clients have included: SAPS, coffee shops, bakeries, garden centres, beauty spas, schools, corporate companies, retail stores, media companies, and even embassies. 


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At the start, our most popular product was our face shield followed by the desk shield used at workplaces and schools. We have a range of options available for reception areas, workstations and desks. Many companies are still ordering and we are very proud to see our products being used in so many workplaces. We are gratified that through using our PPE products a wide range of organisations are now compliant and COVID-19-safe.

When the 21-day lock down was extended it became clear that social distancing would become a fundamental part of the next normal and our clients realised they could no longer put off their events. Our event management services were back online – literally – because our clients looked to us to conceptualise and stage their events, virtually. We embarked on a massive learning curve that included our team, our clients and their audiences. We spent many happy hours attending online seminars to see how people were making ground-breaking virtual events happen around the world.

18 months later, we are so proud to have hosted a wide range of national and international virtual events over the last year, both in the realm of specialist industry education and corporate employee engagement.


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Our virtual events have included: meetings, brainstorms, team building events, workshops, seminars, conferences and award ceremonies.

It has been a privilege to see audiences and teams across the world connecting online to benefit from the events we have hosted. The technology now available provides an opportunity for teams to connect in a relaxed environment while getting down to business. There are many benefits to be gained from the connection that can be created via video conference technology. Especially as technology has grown rapidly to allow the experience to be more and more immersive and interactive.

The EnOv8 team continues to learn about the different technologies available and what their features can offer our audiences, and have brought many innovations to our clients.

Our digital business offering has grown: We now provide full digital campaign support, including strategy and conceptualisation, copywriting, graphic design, animations, video creation and editing as well as communications and the digital/virtual event itself.

With online events becoming more of the norm, you can no longer rely on the physical environment to make your audience feel good. Stunning venues with luxurious surroundings or beautiful views, along with the feel good factor of networking in person, are most likely not going to be an option for a long time. The upshot? Now the content REALLY IS KING! 

  • Launching campaigns with exciting graphics have made an impact;
  • Stunning virtual sets or beautifully put together slide presentations have wowed the audience on the day;
  • Interactive games and activities have kept our client’s audiences engaged and brought teams closer together;
  • Educational seminars from experts have allowed professionals to stay on the cutting edge of developments in their industry and earn their CPD points;
  • Rewarding and awarding staff for achieving outstanding results during these difficult times have kept teams motivated and full of purpose.

Alongside engaging in the use of technology to host and attend virtual events, people still crave and enjoy a tangible experience. How do you bring some of the in-person joy of events to people when they are working from home and geographically spread around the country and the world?

The third way the our team has reinvented ourselves is to curate and deliver bespoke gifting and goody boxes to the attendees of our events. Beyond complementing events, our goody box service has grown into a wide range of gift boxes and hampers which can be delivered across the country for many different occasions.

The gift and goody boxes we have provided – from curation to delivery – include:

  • Year-end thank you gifts, farewell gifts, milestone anniversary rewards for long-serving employees, team achievement and employee performance rewards.
  • Customised Happy Hour hampers, yummy snack boxes for a short meeting and even a full-days’ worth of scheduled eats for a national corporate conference.
  • Gifts themed for foodies, wine lovers, gardeners, coffee fans and the health conscious – and we have provided a bespoke pamper hamper and a treasure chest.

What do each of our goody boxes have in common? They have each been lovingly curated, packed and hand delivered, with all COVID-19 protocols in place to surprise and delight those that receive them.

It is important to us to have been able to support many artisanal businesses around the country through supporting local and buying from small businesses. In doing so we are able to bring unique and interesting products to our audiences and provide a platform for these micro manufacturers to grow new awareness of their products.


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We will soon be launching more details about our range of gift and goody boxes for you to choose from.

Gifting is more fun when you use EnOv8’s seamless gifting service. The next time you want to acknowledge your team and thank them, to appreciate and reward them for a job well done, join our happy clients who continue to call on us when they have a gifting challenge. We would love to create something extraordinary for you.

We count ourselves lucky to have been able to continue doing business during this trying time and have immense gratitude to our clients for continuing to call on us when they have a challenge so that we can create something wonderful for them.

Let us know how we can make your next experience EnOv8-ive?